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and clothing on to this raft, and pushing it ahead of
him., he swam a half-mile to the other side of the
river. He resumed his long, fourteen-mile run,
and before it was yet daybreak he arrived panting
and sweating at the door of his mother's lodge,

His mother5 Spotted Calf, Is also my adopted
mother, and that Is why I am able to record the
inside story of this famous man-hunt5 which to-
day Is so amply dealt with in history in the books
of the North-West Mounted Police. Spotted
Calf and her husband Sounding Sky are still living
on the One Arrow Indian Reserve., at Duck Lake3
Saskatchewan—mother and father of Almighty

When Almighty Voice threw back the door of
his mother's lodge his first words were these:

'The mounted police told me to-day that they
were going to hang me for killing that steer.
They will never hang me—I will die fighting.'

Then he asked his mother for his father Sound-
ing Sky; he wanted to ask his father's advice
before taking his stand against the mounties. His
mother told him that the mounted police had
arrested his father and taken him to Prince Albert,
where he was being kept under guard. Knowing
his warlike history and the power which he held
over his people, the mounted police were afraid
that Sounding Sky wrould start an Indian uprising
If he were allowed to remain among his people.